Welcome to
Shiraz Catering

With office locations in New York, Miami, Los Angeles, Mexico City and London, Shiraz Catering is at the forefront of the catering and experiential event production industry.  Since 2001, our award-winning team led by visionary Shai Tertner, has crafted immersive, cutting-edge experiences for international clients including Google, Gucci, Prada, Tom Ford, Moët Hennessy, Microsoft, Versace, Vanity Fair, Calvin Klein, Crate & Barrel, Mac Cosmetics, Tommy Hilfiger, Dolce & Gabbana, and Bentley -- among many more.


Our Process




An open, collaborative brainstorming session plays a key role in how we create our partnerships, assuring that both parties are clearly aligned on KPIs and overall goals from the beginning. 




Our team operates on the system of one proposal and one revision prior to agreement signing. Throughout this process, our team conceptualizes and develops a custom program that best fits our client’s needs. 



Refine & execute

Once a program is approved, we become formally engaged with our clients and move into production. During this time, design and production elements are evaluated, refined, and executed. A collective timeline will be provided to offer transparency for our process and deadlines. 



Review & recharge

Following an event, it is customary for our team to touch base with clients to discuss performance and overall satisfaction with the services provided. This allows our team to assess any future needs before recharging for the next event. 


Our Core Values



We are committed to business practices that support and protect the communities in which we operate, including partnering with suppliers who respect diversity inclusion and institute practices that minimize impacts on our environment.

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The power of collective thinking is a practice we believe strengthens all experiences. To obtain the best results, we foster an environment where collaboration between team members and clients is a requirement for success.

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Our cumulative uniqueness is an asset that bears great value. By involving a diverse range of team members with contrasting capabilities, we are able to create a unique and fun environment to conceptualize and collaborate.

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CELEBRATED individualism

In a cultural, digital and social landscape that is always evolving, we pride ourselves on staying at the forefront of movements and trends. We constantly seek inspiration to share with fellow team members and clients.


Our Brand Partners